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Heraldry is the science and art of designing, displaying, describing and recording coats-of-arms (also referred to as "armorial bearings" or simply as "arms"). Its origins lie in the need to distinguish participants in battles or jousts, whose faces were hidden by steel helmets.

In the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, heraldry became a highly developed discipline, regulated by professional heralds. As its use in jousts became obsolete, arms remained popular for visually identifying a person in other ways — impressed in sealing wax on official documents, carved on a family tomb, and so forth.

Throughout the existence of heraldry, coats of arms have been executed in a wide variety of media, including painted wood, embroidery, enamel, stonework and stained glass.

Aldax Enterprises Pty Ltd produces heraldic items under license to strict quality standards. Our heraldry products include Coffee Mugs, Plaques, Key Chains, Mouse Pads, Family Trees, T'Shirts, Armorial History with Coat of Arms, Aniversary Bonds and many more.

We look forward to introducing an ever-increasing product range as a means of perpetuating this ancient art by bringing it to the attention of both the young and old. While for a personal coat of arms it is still necessary to apply to the College of Heralds in London, we offer arms fully researched as being the oldest recorded for the “senior” branch of your family name.
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